Sustainable drinks brands are often not engaging to the mass market. 

To create a new sustainable gin brand.

Key Insights
'A glass bottle's climate impact is approximately 3-4x worse than any other packaging because of the energy & resources it needs during manufacturing'
'Within the beverage industry the total volume of spirits consumed is 3.7%, whilst its share of emissions is almost double at 6.7%.

Unique Solution
I created a new gin brand that has a compelling story of sustainability - being Carbon Negative.
I used this narrative and framed it in a more unconventional way. Instead of using a typically 'green' visual identity, I opted for a challenger brand, creating the 'saint of the spirits industry'. In times where consumers are facing too much choice, I wanted to make it easily identifiable for customers to make the right choice. Using the tagline 'Pour it pure', Sancto (derived from the latin for saint) nods to the product being carbon negative, but also the good feeling that customers experience when they purchase knowing the product causes no harm to the environment.

The gin uses a closed loop bottle system (users can return their bottle where it can be cleaned and refilled) for a 20% discount off their next bottle.  The distillery's/transport are powered purely by renewable energy for a truly clean gin.

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