Local businesses have struggled to survive a global pandemic which has accelerated the decline of the Highstreet.

To create a brand extension that shows hope post-covid & helps to connect communities broken by the pandemic. 

Unique Solution
Persil Picked is a yearlong pop-up shop (rotated with a new local brand/designer in every month) that showcases & celebrates the best local fashion talent. Particularly focused on those starting up through the pandemic across the UK. It aims to stitch back together communities and creators where consumer to business relations have turned into simply automated email receipts!
The initiative not only aims to brighten up Britain’s High Streets but encourages users to get to know the people behind their clothes, the stories/inspirations behind their work and what makes them unique. In the age of self-made Instagram brands, there is little opportunity to create meaningful and tangible relationships for small local brands who cannot afford a physical store.
People are craving more transparency behind the sourcing/origins of their clothes and want more ways to support small businesses that promote slow fashion & are ethically sourced, which Picked caters for. The flexible visual identity derives from the curve of the Persil r and creates the framework for the whole campaign.

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