Accelerated by the pandemic and a change to working from home, urban indoor gardening has become increasingly more popular as the population spends more time indoors. 

This led to the creation & branding of a a fresh new urban gardening app called 'herby'. Focused specifically on herbs (the most finicky of all indoor plants) the full service app utilises new AI technology to take user from 'pot' to 'pan'.
The project is targeted at older Gen Z & younger millennials who lead busy & unpredictable lifestyles and lack gardening knowledge to sustain an indoor garden. This generation typically live in urban areas, have little to no garden space, leaving no option but to grow indoors. 
Using vibrant, fun & optimistic brand personality across all touchpoints, herby aims to capture the hearts of urban growers  and allow them to live their best 'fresh lives'. Demonstrating that what was once finicky, can be finessed!

Young adults struggle to maintain indoor gardens due to busy lifestyles, lack of gardening knowledge & difficult conditions.

To create & market an app that helps young adults grow & cook with fresh herbs indoors.

Unique Solution
An app that utilises AI technology to help users track & schedule looking after their herbs, branded  in a way that resonates with the younger population, focusing on strong copy & tone of voice.

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